In the ZIM-Project EXAR of Prof. André Hinkenjann that is being funded by the BMWI (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) of the BRSU common research focus on Visual Computing, the methods of Augmented Reality are used for the observation of magnetic field lines, thereby creating a link between the real world and its physical description.

Augmenting Magnetic Field Lines for School Experiments:

EXAR is a system for interactive magnetic field simulation in an AR-setup. The aim of this work is to investigate how AR technology can help to develop a better understanding of the concept of fields and field lines and their relationship to the magnetic forces in typical school experiments. The haptic feedback is provided by real magnets that are optically tracked. In a stereo video see-through head-mounted display, the magnets are augmented with the dynamically computed field lines.

Projects partners: the Computer Graphics Lab of the Department of Computer Science and
VRMagic GmbH in Mannheim.

Running time: July 2010 until October 2011


M. Sc. Florian Mannuß (middle) at the live demo of EXAR at the ISMAR 2011 in Basel